About Us

Meet our team. Split Drivers aims for you to enjoy the perfect individual ground transport service in Split and Croatia.
About Us

Meet Our Team

Whoever comes to beautiful Split and Croatia once, will come again. That is why our goal is to provide you with such a service that the next time you come, you will not think about which limo service in Split you will trust.

For you to be satisfied, every part of our team must be perfect. Perfect vehicles are not enough for that. Part of our organization is well-trained and friendly operators and experienced professional drivers who will do their best to make your user experience flawless.

In addition to our services, we also create informative blog posts aimed at assisting our clients and other tourists visiting Split. 

Our Clients Say:

The driver was prompt, friendly, and professional. He spoke excellent English and was happy to answer all of my questions about Croatia. The car was very clean and comfortable, and the ride was smooth.

Mark Davison

I was very impressed with the company's customer service. The car ride was perfect too. I recommend you to anyone who is coming to this wonderful city.

Elsa Crooning

I used all their services with my family. Everything was completely perfect, but the sightseeing day tour with Milos was one of the best days ever in all my travel experience.

Joseph Lithinovski